CEO Message

It's my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Annasban Group website. Launching this website embodies the direct communication channel with our current and future customers and our partners in success who we value them all.

Annasban group was established more than four decades ago as an outstanding name in the field of operation, maintenance and facilities managements. The Group has convoyed the periods of massive growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the last few decades, which has earned a vast experience in the field of business. The Group has established so many prominent companies operating in several areas, and contributed directly and significantly in advancing economic development in our beloved country throughout our geographical spread all over the kingdom and by providing high quality services. In 2012, the ownership of Annasban group and its affiliates in all sectors has turned to Annasban Holding Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) to be under one umbrella gives the strength and enhances its position in the Saudi market.

Proceeding from its firm belief that change is a must to keep pace with the rapid changes in the world markets, and to be able to compete and provide the finest services and products at the best price for its customers on the basis of mutual trust, which is based on fixed values and full commitment, the company has harnessed all that It would help achieve this goal by attracting the most qualified human resources and the best computerized systems (ERP-Software), which will have the greatest impact on its affiliates to draw business plans on a scientific basis depending on huge base of data, experience and science.

Annasban Group seeks to work on increasing productive coordination with its affiliates to draw up strategic plans that help achieve cohesive growth and continue its journey of success keeping in line with the overall vision of the Kingdom 2030.

I sincerely supplicate to Allah the Almighty to grant our country and all the Muslim countries reconciliation and success.

Executive Manager

Engr. Fahd Mohammed Annasban