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Annasban Group was established in 1977 and started its work in trading field then moved into the operation and maintenance sector of institutions and government sectors beside private sector companies.

Annasban Group provides maintenance and operation management solutions for their customers in Saudi Arabia, enabling them to enjoy a safe working environment that stimulates production and performance. Annasban Group aims to develop long-term relationships with customers by providing comprehensive and integrated solutions in accordance with international quality standards, Specialized according to the latest technology  

* Our Vision *

To be a leading company in the provision of services and integrated solutions with diversity in the management of facilities in the Kingdom throughout the achievement of quality standards and expectations of customers.

* Our Message *

Providing the best and finest facilities management services to our customers and achieving excellence.


Healthcare :

 We provided health care services to (42) comprehensive rehabilitation center for people

with special needs and nursing homes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Environmental, Health and Safety :

We Use the latest technology according to the needs of each project and develop the most appropriate plans to reach for the following percentages.

 0% Work Injury- 0% Accidents - 0% Contamination

Facilities Management :

We care about the process of coordinating the work between buildings, individuals, infrastructure, energy, water and drainage services, In order to harmonize overlapping services and extend virtual life.

Landscaping :

Design, implement and manage gardens to achieve harmony and balance with the climate and local environment, plus it must require minimum resources.

(Visually enjoyable - Environmentally friendly - Easy maintenance)

Hospitality :

The hospitality department provides officials, employees and distinguished Workers to provide hospitality services for various activities

hotels,restaurants, cruise ships, parks, conference centers, clubs, institutions and others.

Maintenance :

Keep the Equipments, apparatus in good condition through inspection, useing preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and adopt maintenance systems based on reliability, and full productive maintenance to ensure outstanding and continuous performance.

Construction :

Providing technical, consulting and executive services, design services, building and construction for buildings and projects of various kinds to coordinate and control all operations during project implementation to increase the efficiency of resource use.


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Board of Directors

Sheikh Muhammad bin Sulaiman Al-Nassban

Chairman of Board of Directors

Eng.Fahd Mohammed Al-Nassban

Executive manager

Dr. Abd al-Rahman Mohammed Al-Nassban

Member of the Board of Directors

Ms.Jawaher Mohammed Al-Nassban

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr.Sulaiman bin Hamad Al-Hawas

Member of the Board of Directors